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Meet STRIDE partners: The Lifelong Learning Platform

The Lifelong Learning Platform – European Civil Society for Education (LLLP) was created in 2005 and gathers today 43 European networks working in education, training and youth. These organisations represent millions of actors across Europe and cover all sectors of education and training including networks for secondary and higher education, VET, adult education and popular education; networks for students, school heads, parents, human resource professionals, teachers and trainers. LLLP was acknowledged by the European Commission in 2009 as a “unique representation” of lifelong learning of the various education and training actors organised at EU level.

Our interest in the project

LLLP decided to join the STRIDE project for two main reasons. Firstly, because it addresses long-standing issues regarding inclusion and inequalities in education by looking at the effectiveness and impact of policy interventions and reforms. Since its creation, LLLP has worked on these topics, through projects on inclusive education in schools, adult learning or in the youth sector. It is advocating for years in all its positions for more equal opportunities in education. It is represented in the European Commission’s Working Group on Equality and values in education and training together with national ministry representatives. Secondly, because STRIDE supports connecting researchers with civil society and policy-makers. While LLLP has been conducting research in projects and in collaboration with for years, being involved in projects dedicated to this is fairly recent for LLLP. The CSO is also part of the BRiDGE project (2023-2025) which aims to connect research, practice and policy for the development of evidence-informed policy.

Our role in the project

In STRIDE, LLLP is responsible for enhancing the scientific and societal impact of the project. LLLP designed a communication and impact strategy and will use its large network of key stakeholders to ensure that the learning from the project are communicated to policy-makers either operating at European, national, regional or local levels. Part of its role consists in setting up collaborative frameworks with other “relative projects” building synergy and mutual impact. Later on, LLLP will also produce policy publications, notably a Policy brief on equity, equality and inclusion in educational policies in Europe. LLLP will organise the final conference in Brussels (Autumn 2026).


LLLP website:


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