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Introducing STRIDE’s Relative Projects: G-EPIC: Empowering Girls in Politics from the Classroom

Gender Empowerment through Politics in Classrooms (G-EPIC) is a groundbreaking
36-month, €3 million research project funded by the European Commission’s Horizon
Europe Programme.

Designed to boost the political self-confidence of girls experiencing multiple forms of
disadvantage, G-EPIC aims to reduce gender inequality in politics and make citizenship
education more inclusive.

Key Aspects of G-EPIC:
📚 Interdisciplinary Approach: Combining insights from political science, sociology, gender
studies, youth studies, and educational sciences.

🔬 Classroom Observations: Establishing the state of play through classroom observations
and reanalysis of existing quantitative data.

🏫 Quasi-Experiments & Interventions: Testing design-based interventions co-developed
with civil society, teachers, and students.

📊 Holistic Evaluation: Analyzing national, local, and European policy frameworks to create
strategies that promote equitable gender political involvement, focusing on disadvantaged

The results of G-EPIC will be translated into policy briefs and an international best-practice
toolbox to foster gender equity in politics, inspiring more girls to engage in political activities
as they grow.

Led by first-class European academics from Belgium, Czechia, Denmark, Germany, Spain,
and the United Kingdom, G-EPIC brings together a multinational consortium of universities
and civil society organizations with extensive experience in school-based research and a
deep understanding of young people’s perspectives.

Join G-EPIC in paving the way for a more inclusive and democratic future! 💪✨

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