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STRIDE’s Relative Projects

LINEup – Longitudinal Data for INequalities in Education

LINEup aims at identifying key success factors for quality education for all, by mapping and analysing the research design and findings of existing longitudinal data on students’ learning outcomes at primary and secondary level in 31 countries. The research takes a mixed-method approach. It focuses on students’ education outcomes, such as performance or cognitive development, but also looks at student engagement with school as a as a key malleable factor to support students’ learning and development.


BRiDGE – Connecting research, policy and practice

The BRiDGE Project supports the European Union’s aim to bridge the gap between research and policy. To be effective, education policy research and development needs to be supported by collaboration and critical reflection. The project will address existing gaps between the knowledge and expertise of Higher Education institution-based researchers, practitioners in civil society organisations, and policy-makers, that prevent the effective connection of evidence with policy-making.


G-EPIC – Empowering Girls in Politics from the Classroom

Designed to boost the political self-confidence of girls experiencing multiple forms of disadvantage, G-EPIC aims to reduce gender inequality in politics and make citizenship education more inclusive. The results of G-EPIC will be translated into policy briefs and an international best-practice toolbox to foster gender equity in politics, inspiring more girls to engage in political activities as they grow.


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