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Strategies for Achieving Equity and Inclusion in Education, 

Training and Learning in Democratic Europe

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STRIDE will provide a new, comprehensive and comparative knowledge-base on effective education reforms, policy initiatives and interventions, that aim at reducing inequalities in education, training and learning outcomes in Europe.

STRIDE will do this through analyses of education reforms in national and regional systems, of existing large-scale educational assessment data and existing longitudinal data on the causal link between educational and other social policies and inequalities in educational achievements. 

STRIDE will closely examine the range of intersectional variables such as socio-economic background, gender, (dis)abilities, migration status, home language, early childhood education and care (ECEC) attendance, which may affect learning outcomes in different ways in different contexts.

Our goal

Through the involvement of national and European stakeholders, STRIDE will develop methodology and assessment tools for policy learning offering policy-makers a Toolbox of enhanced knowledge of what shapes educational outcomes over time and demonstrating the usefulness of longitudinal data in policy-making to reduce educational inequalities in the short, medium and long term.

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Project Stages

Stage 1 – STRIDE will map long-term trends in inequalities in educational achievements and compare European policies, resulting in an interactive map.

Stage 2 – STRIDE will identify effective policy initiatives and interventions that compensate for inequalities in individual learning outcomes.

Stage 3 – STRIDE will produce tools for policy makers: 1) A toolbox and 2) A series of multilingual policy briefs produced together with national stakeholders.


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